VIEW Workshops provide the community and tools to uncover profound connection with yourself, others and the world.

Personal growth, professional success, social engagement and successful relationships all have one potent thing in common. They begin and expand with self-love.

VIEW workshops provide participants with the opportunity to experience a self-love within the framework of a safely contained small group. The group amplifies the profound moments of clarity each individual experiences. The tools and support offered at VIEW deliver impactful insight and lasting effects.

VIEW Workshops are for you if…

1) You are seeking more connected, loving relationships with yourself and others

2) You feel stuck or plateaued in your journey of personal growth

3) You want spiritual tools that you can bring into your everyday life, relationships, and business




Imagine a life where every difficult conversation was rewarding and meaningful. Imagine living in a world where your work and business deepen your relationship with yourself and others.

Welcome to Tide Turners, our introductory two-day workshop that provides context and tools of The VIEW. This safe space allows you to practice with other individuals who are committed to bringing more freedom and connection into their everyday lives.

From business to personal relationships, we will explore beyond communication techniques, into states of mind that lead to personal revelation and discovery. We will use the principles of The VIEW, to cultivate clarity and epiphany around your circumstances.

Cost: $575 (lodging not included)

I thought that I would get trapped in my emotions forever if I looked at them head-on and instead found that they just wanted to be seen and loved like the rest of me.
People tell me that I’m hard on myself, and there’s always been a pride in pushing myself. This weekend has really illuminated how I talk to myself, how I relate to myself...How I play the part of being a victim and being an abuser.


7-Day Intensive Retreat

Imagine a life where your actions and decisions come with ease and joy. Imagine how your life would be if what you had to do became what you loved to do. In your business, you and your team work with clarity and communicate with ease. In your life, your interactions with your relations become more connected, more life-giving, more open, more free.

Ground Breakers is a 7-day long intensive personal development workshop. You will spend a week with 12 individuals and 2-3 facilitators in close proximity to nature. Each day is packed with a deliberate series of exercises and experiences that build on one another and deepen the collective experience.

Exercises range from powerful one-on-one connection experiences, to meditations, to physio-emotional processing. Intensity is embraced, blockages revealed and limiting beliefs uncovered while the group holds space for each individual to experience more freedom.

Joe Hudson has lead workshops with 500 participants, and has coached one-on-one. He has found that the best configuration for powerful breakthroughs and learnings is this intimate group setting.

Cost: $4,900 plus room & board

The group is incredible in its commitment to vulnerability, clarity, and love and really supports me in openly sharing and loving parts of myself that I’ve previously held separate through fear, anger, shame.
I had a sense of the healing power of community; I just didn’t know the love could feel this big.